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Warning! Office Work May Be Bad For Your Health

Whilst researching for an article about the benefits of sit-stand desks, I was shocked to find some worrying statistics and very bold claims, such as; ‘Sitting increases risk of death up to 40%’ and ‘People with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs’.

With anything that you find on the internet it is always wise to dig a little deeper and make sure you can find some
recognised, trustworthy sources. So you can imagine my shock when I found the same shocking content on the NHS
 They confirm that studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even premature death. Before I got to the end of the NHS article, I put in a request for a second sit stand desk for my home office and my partner is now genuinely bemused by the fact I refuse to sit down in front of the TV.
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The advice has always been to ‘Eat Less, Move More’ and this makes perfect sense, no one said it was easy, but never the less it makes sense. However just as we thought we had enough to worry about at work, now we have to make sure we factor in ‘standing time’ so we don’t increase our risk of dying.

Obviously, with all statistics we need to apply some common sense and before you attempt to Google phrases such as ‘Signed off work due to risk of death by office chair’, let’s put things into perspective.

We have always known that we need to take regular exercise to make sure we improve our fitness and general health. The advice is to try and sit down less during the day and the easiest way to do this at work is to alternate between standing and sitting. I have to admit that before I started to use a sit stand desk I felt as though it might turn into a bit of a fad, but aside from the alarming health warnings it has actually quickly become one of the most practical inventions in the workplace.

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Anyone that has worked in a sales environment understands about factors that can improve productivity – when you feel more confident you tend to communicate in a more confident way. This is shown to have a positive impact on sales figures and can be an infectious quality in a large sales office. Standing whilst working allows you to project your voice in a clearer way and allows you to achieve a greater sense of enthusiasm and passion.

Height adjustable desking is definitely the long term future of office design and not only can it improve your general health, it can be directly linked to increased productivity and performance.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of sit stand desks for your office, feel free to drop me an email at emma@iconoffice.co.uk or call me on 0844 801 3600.

We would love to hear your views about Sit Stand Desks. Do you have a height adjustable desk? What are the positives and negatives? Do you use the one you have? We look forward to receiving your comments.